Christ Church Parish Responds

Ten people met last night at the church to hear stories of the tornado and its aftermath. The initial response was swift and effective now we are moving into recovery mode.

Troop 1631 and members of the parish are working in Bay City to remove debris. Anyone can help with this. Wear Boot, bring gloves and tools: there is no end to the stuff that needs to be picked up. Contact Scoutmaster David Fehrenbacher or the church office if you want to help. You can also just go to Bay City and look for a yard where folks are working. Many hands lighten the load.

Trucks and trailers are needed to haul debris. QA County has made it easier to drop off construction debris and limbs and branches. If you can haul, you are needed.

Gift Cards are available for those who lost frozen & refrigerated food. Local businesses including KMart, Big Lots, Food Lion & Safeway have been helpful.  We are also trying to get Hardware Stores involved too. Donations to Christ Church Parish marked Rector’s Discretionary Fund or Tornado, will be turned into more cards.

Haven Ministries is Opening the Winter Shelter as an Emergency Shelter for those who lost their residences, but do not have insurance to cover. Krista Pettit tells me they have the first couple of days covered, but will probably be coming to us for meals early in the week. Checks can be sent to Haven Ministries Inc. P.O. Box 44, Chester, MD 21619

Don’t forget to Pray!!! Thank God for divine protection. Thank God for First Responders. Thank God that only one person was seriously injured. Ask God what you can do now to help and what you can do to prepare for the next disaster. We Are the Hands & Feet of Christ on Kent Island and for the whole world.


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Christ Church Launches New Logo

Reinvented – Again!

Christ Church Parish Kent Island has been around for almost four centuries.  Clearly, God has plans for our Church – we could only have survived this long through his grace.  Just because we’ve been around for a long time does not mean that we have existed as the same church for all those years.  In fact, the opposite is true:  we are here because we have listened to God and each other, and have adapted to remain grounded in Christ, growing in faith and giving in community.

Our most recent changes began in 2015, with Round Table conversations that resulted in naming four areas that are important in our Church:  Children, Youth, and Family;  Worship;  Care and Community;  and Outreach From there, we aligned our ministries to address needs in those areas.  This spring, we voiced our purpose in the Mission/Vision statement, and we developed our new tag line so that others can recognize our values:

Grounded in Christ, Growing in Faith, Giving in Community.

The next step is to identify ourselves visually, and to that end, we have a new logo.  The logo represents our Church graphically by incorporating the cross that graces the window of our glorious worship space.  It is personal, and it is unique to us.  The “wave” and colors reflect our island identity, and text font recognizes our rich traditions.



Watch for our logo and our tag line to appear in new signs throughout the facility and in other applications where a brief reminder of our roots is appropriate.

Additionally, we will use the following graphic on letterhead and other written pieces to honor our heritage as a member of the Episcopal Church.