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Attachment Parenting

  • Joy in Telling Children Stories About Themselves The Gold in Storytelling with Kids. This is great inspiration for parents as they lead their children in Storytelling Circles Based on the Days of Creation. (See Below.)

Bringing Up Children in Distressing Times

Skills at Home

Reading the Bible and the Classics

Remaining Relational Stories

  • Remaining Relational Even When Feeling Ashamed: When we name our shame and realize who we want to be, the paralysis leaves us and we find courage to keep moving forward. Listen to this 4-minute story and nourish your brain with a concrete example that will lighten your load and quiet your head.
  • Remaining Relational in Hopeless Despair: The Pandemic has required us to resource new ways of celebrating holidays and family traditions. This return to joy from despair story provides a pre-pandemic example.
  • Remaining Relational in Pandemic Sadness: Recognizing how sadness feels in our body and acknowledging the losses of social distancing can be our path back to joy and hope.

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