Who We Are

We are a diverse and welcoming group of people: young and old, single and families, who have lived here a short while or whose line stretches back for generations.

We are united to one another in a Trinity of Relationships:

 1.  With God, our source and our sustainer, who made and loves everything that is

2.  With our Neighbors near and far, the whole human family, whom Jesus calls us to love

3.  With the Members of this Community, with whom we share joys and burdens

Perhaps you have come here seeking the source of energy and healing for yourself or your household. Perhaps you are seeking to serve those who are caught in the difficulties of changing times or health or identity. Perhaps you are seeking the warmth of community in common meals or common inquiry. Surf around our site. I believe that we offer many opportunities: to Grow in God, to Serve in Christ and to Care in Christian Community.

Christ Church Parish is a place with Deep Roots and Fresh Shoots.  Please feel free to call our office 410-643-5921 or email me at frmark@ccpki.org, I would welcome the chance to hear your story and to invite you into ours!


The Reverend Mark Delcuze, Rector