Christian Formation Activities for Children and Adults

How to Feel Peaceful and Satisfied in Storytelling Circles and Book Discussions: 13 Life-Giving Guidelines for All Ages and Multi-Generational Groups

Storytelling Circles Based on the Gift of Creation

Circle up with those at home and virtually with those at a distance to appreciate the gift of water, remember the creation story, remember, tell and hear our own stories. Experience peace, joy, connection, collaboration and enjoyment of nature. Adapted from Godly Play Stories of God at Home by Jerome Berryman.

Day 1 The Gift of Light: Https://

Day 2 The Gift of Water:

Day 3 The Gift of Land and Green Growing Things:


Day 4 The Gift of Time:

Day 5 The Gift of Creatures that Fly:

Day 6 The Gift of Life:

Day 7 The Gift of Rest:

Creative Projects

Card-Making video
Create a card that promotes peace, gratitude and interaction both in the creative process and when you share it with the recipient. This can be adapted for any holiday or as a Thank-You or Thinking-of-You card.

Formation-Related Viewing

  • Recorded Service: The recorded service is posted on the church website each Sunday morning. Families are invited to watch and listen to the service anytime and anywhere. Consider giving each child a designated notebook or sketchbook where they can write, draw and color while listening to the service.
  • The Chosen Global Livestream: Episode Three: A very tangible expression of Jesus empowering and honoring children and teaching them the Lord’s Prayer. All 8 episodes of the Chosen are recommended. It is advised for parents  of young children to preview them first to determine any scenes they want to skip over or discuss.
  • GodlyPlayFoundation: Youtube videos demonstrating Godly Play stories that are told when hearers gather in circles and see the materials in the lesson.
  • Reflecting and Responding: Please consider setting aside another 10-30 minutes (depending on the ages and attention span of kids) at some point to reflect and respond to whatever you have watched. This is a wonderful opportunity to pay attention to what each person in your family needs for meaningful interaction. You can:
    – Go for a walk and chat; or
    – All sit on the floor with paper and crayons and have a drawing/writing time; or
    – Have interactions that are only one adult and one child. This can be helpful when younger siblings are close in age and some competition is rising.
    – Post written reflections or drawings on the fridge.

Two simple questions that open our hearts to God and each other are:

  1. What was your favorite of the service (or message)?
  2. What part seems most important to you?

Give everyone around two minutes to talk and show each other you see and hear them. After someone shares, we can simply say, “Thanks for sharing.”

Some other follow up questions can include:

  1. How does you feel in your body now that we have talked and listened about this?
  2. How do you feel  in your heart (emotions) now that we have talked and listened together?
  3. Is there a song you want to sing, Bible story to read or question to explore?


It is a Christian practice to settle our bodies so that our minds, bodies and spirits can experience peace and connection with the One who gives a peace that surpasses our understanding. (See Phillipians 4:7, John 14:27). These prayers can be implemented even in the midst of anxious moments.

  • Getting Unstuck Startle Prayer: When we quickly need to settle our bodies from intense high energy feelings like fear, anger,  or disgust, we can imitate the startle (Moro) reflex seen in babies while adapting the Bible verse Psalm 56:3 into a prayer…. Whenever I feel ______ I will trust in you/turn to you Oh, Lord.


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