Children, Youth and Family Resources

Please visit the church Facebook page for encouraging stories, photos and opportunities for adults and children to deepen our peace and connection with each other and God, especially during this challenging time.

7:00 – 7:30 pm  Candlewalk for kids and families, sharing about the day and evening prayers on Zoom
To view Candlewalk by Karin Holsinger Sherman Click here

3 –3:30 pm Joy Builders for kids & families-singing and moving to songs of worship on Zoom.

8:30 – 9:30am Still Sharing the Peace For Adults and Teens.  Begin on Facebook live at 8:30 am then pass the peace on Zoom.

Do you want to exchange worried thoughts for peace, feel more connected to others and God and navigate the range of emotions, expectations and decisions during this challenging time with calm confidence? Experience and learn a 3 step process for sharing the peace with Lisa Pinkham, trained facilitator and Coordinator of Christian Formation at Christ Church Parish. Please click the LIVE button on our Christ Church Kent Island Facebook page at the listed times. You can type in the chat box or just listen. We complete step 1 and 2 on Facebook live after approximately 20 minutes. Lisa will invite you to transfer over to Zoom for step 3 to share our peaceful stories with each other. That is where the peace and joy increases exponentially. Needed: internet connection, paper and pencil, cell phone or computer. Come once, twice or every time. Each gathering will be refreshing and new.

10 – 10:30am Formation Time 4 Kids and Families.  Our group is growing. Please join us and bring friends. Parents and grandparents are very welcome to attend. Bring paper and coloring utensils! Join Zoom here

Please review Lisa’s summary from our Formation time on Easter Sunday which includes many activities to enjoy during this six week Easter season.

  • Easter is a six week season. Let’s continue to celebrate all the way to Pentecost.
  • Ring those bells, sing and say, “Alleluia!” and dance to “Christ the Lord is Risen Today.”
  • Let’s keep pondering the mystery of Easter. Jesus is still with each of us in a very special way. Let’s pay attention to all the ways Jesus is with us in our home. Jesus is always there to love us and help us each of us whenever we ask.
  • We saw all the different bells and decorated eggs everyone shared.
  • We listened to everyone share what is different about this Easter- both what is hard and what makes us smile. There were many smiles about spending more time with families.
  • We noticed where Ukraine is in relation to us and learned about how Ukrainian eggs use symbols that tell important stories.
  • Let’s remember this special Easter by coloring a big Easter egg that tells the story of Easter 2020. In Ukraine, the symbols of bends and spirals mean: “life doesn’t always go in a straight line.” We can put lots of those on our egg.
    • Let’s include pictures of things that made us smile about how this Easter and how our lives are different right now.
    • Please email Lisa at for a list of symbols used in decorating eggs.
    • We can also include pictures of things that we feel sad about during this time of sheltered rest.
    • Post the colored egg in your window (near your stained glass letters) for others to see.
    • Please email your photos to Lisa or share on Facebook (protect our children by ensuring photos of them are from behind.)
    • Egg outlines to color
  • We sang, danced and rang our bells to this song: Christ the Lord is Risen Today YouTube Video

For more activities, please visit our Facebook page.

The Easter story Bible verses are integrated into the document on Easter Story cookies.

Watch: Fr. Mark’s Easter sunrise service and morning service (ring your bells on the Alleluia’s and tally all the Alleluia’s in the services.

Watch the Sight and Sound production of Jesus .

Watch Episode 3 of the The Chosen for a very tangible glimpse of Jesus loving and honoring children and teaching them the Lord’s Prayer.