Sunday School 2019 – 2020

Nursery through 9th grade

We are currently enjoying a renaissance in our Sunday School with children from Nursery through 9th grade.  We meet in the large group room in the CECDS Day School wing each Sunday, starting at 9:45.  Children rejoin their families in church at the Peace and for Communion.  The groups and their leaders are:

Infants and Toddlers:  Miss Debbie and Sallie Miller

K – 2nd Grade:  Stephanie Swonger and Allison Dorsey

3rd – 5th Grade:  Anne Strang and Lisa Guidry

6th – 9th Grade:  Joe Miller and Angela Stoltz

Our lesson plans focus on simple stories that emphasize God’s love for us, bible stories from the Old and New testaments as we follow the weekly Episcopal lectionary readings.  We have fun with crafts, games, and activities that reinforce the themes of the stories so the children can have fun while learning about the foundations of our faith.  We have an inclusive approach to children and encourage them to participate in various aspects of our church services as well as class time.  That way they can grow and develop their faith in God, along with their families, and feel that they are a part of our larger church family.

REGISTRATION:  If you have not yet registered your children for for the 2018-2019 Sunday School year, please complete the form found HERE and return it by email to or bring it with you to Sunday School.


Regular Sunday School classes go through the school year into June and then we transition to our Summer Classes, so there is something going on for children all year round.

Just head to the back room in the Sunday school area (signs and greeters will help direct you) and let’s get to know each other!

Contact Lindy Coltharp with any questions or concerns.

Sunday School Ministry Leader:  Lisa Pinkham email: Cell: 410-212-6269.